Econo Screen Printing Package- 4 Colour

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Econo Screen Printing Package- 4 Colour

Package Includes an option of 4 different presses, you can choose from the following:

  1. Hopkins JNR 4/1 No Micro.
  2. Hopkins JNR 4/1 With Micro.
  3. Genesis 4/1 No Micro.
  4. Hopkins JNR 4/4 With Micro.


Package Includes Quantity
16x16 Flash Dryer 1x Flash
Silver 20x24 Exposure with lid 1x Exposure Unit
20x24 Screens 43T 4x Screens
12" Wooden Squeegee16" 4x Squeegees
Emulsion Scoop Coater 1x Coater



Package Includes Quantity
Plastisol or Waterbased Inks 1kg 6x Ink Tubs
8" Spatulas 1x Spatula
Goop Scoop
1x Glue
Emulsion Sol QT 1kg 1x Emulsion
Ink Jet Film A4 10x Film
Low Tack Tape 2x Tape
Franmar Textile Cleaning Kit 1L

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