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The EZGrip Screen Print Squeegee was designed by a printer for printers. Our unique holder is engineered to totally change the way a screen printing squeegee works. includes the squeegee rubber 70 durometer as standard.

  • The upright handles make pulling or pushing easier than ever!!
  • The ergonomic "2 Handle Design" provides a comfortable grip, which aligns the hands and adjoining wrists to promote a healthy posture that reduces stress, pain and the potential of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).
  • Ink Protection System - Self Standing! Our exclusive "Ink Protection System", features built-in braces that support the squeegee to prevent time consuming ink messes and clean up, on or off the screen.
  • An elongated support rod located at the end of each handle, keeps the grips away from ink when the holder is placed on the screen.
  • To lay the holder down outside the screen, flip it over, the blade points up and away so ink doesn't spread.
    When stored, the blade's upright angle prevents the print edge from contacting with surfaces that may cause damage.
  • Includes green squeegee rubber as standard.

Futher Information 


The precision fit allows friction to hold the blade in place, without the need for screws or bolts. To install simply press the blade into the slot, to remove, grip the blade at one end and pull.

Saving money is a benefit of the precision Friction Grip. The conventional wood holder requires drilling 3 or more holes thru the blade to secure it in place. Our method is better, without the need for drilling holes, all 4 of the blade's print edges are usable, essentially doubling the life of the blade, thus cutting blade costs in half.

TheEZGrip Silk Screen Squeegee is made of hard shock resistent polymers. The one piece construction has a smooth surface that is quick and easy to clean, resilient to the common chemicals used to remove ink.

TheEZGrip measures 13" wide and is designed to accommodate squeegee blades up to 14", which is capable of making crisp 13 1/2" wide imprint.

TheEZGrip makes money and saves money by increasing production, resulting from a more efficient system that promotes better health and a better work environment.

***Handle made from recycled plastic



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    The only squeegee you need

    Posted by Jonathan Clarke on 4th Mar 2021

    Like most people, I started with wooden squeegees, I have a couple metal ones varying from soft to very hard blades. All of which are fine for small jobs But for long runs I find them uncomfortable and my hands will start to complain after a couple hundred prints The EZGrip ones on the other hand, requires less effort to print with, feel much more natural, cause much less strain on the hands - fingers joints and wrists will all love you for this - and give a better print ( in my view ) Printing 500+ jobs on a manual is fine now. And cleaning the things is much quicker since you can take the blade out effortlessly. Plus you can then change the duro of them at any time, all I would say is avoid soft blades. You want a green 70+ really. Soft ones are not good with this, hard or triple blades are the way to go. It’ll save you in ink costs anyway. I started with 2, I now have 6. I only use these unless it’s a small left chest logo, they really are worth the money.