3rd Dec 2020

Why our wash booths are Great value for money…

The Devil is in the detail....

We offer a variety of washout booths in various sizes. These booths are an essential tool for screen cleaning and preparation. Screen Printing Inks and emulsion can be washed from the screen, with excess water and waste disposed through the central drain which can be connected to a standard sink waste pipe. Each washout unit is constructed using galvanized steel and sealed on the side and bottom to ensure no leaking is possible

We have compiled a list of the reasons why our Washout Booths are great value for money.

Why buy Our Washout Booths?

1. They are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel which is twice as thick as similar units, this makes it far        more rigid and your wash booth will have a longer more productive life in your print shop.

2. Where you are most likely to point high pressure water, is at the back in the corners, we have bent the steel in this       area which makes it 100% water proof, there are no silicone joints in this area which can wear over time and begin     to leak.

3.We have a screen holder notched into our steel base grid, which helps you to keep the screen in place while                blasting it with water - very handy.

4. The plug hole is laser cut into the base of the unit and then the plug is attached underneath this stops the plug hole      leaking long term, and makes it easy to clean. 

5.Very few exposed rivets, making the inside of the booth snag free and less likely to damage your valuable screens.

   The entrance of the booth has been softened with bent over corners so you don’t rip any screens.

We Have Plenty of options with our Wash Out Booths…

+ Back-splash - helps keeps you and your Printshop clean

+ Backlight LED panels.

+ A comprehensive selection of sizes from 70cm table top unit to a 2.5m, or order a custom width.

+ Possible to add the trusted S-Green filter system .

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by phone on 0044 (0)1562 829 009, Email or on our Webchat.