VOID Black Inkjet Ink

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VOID Black inkjet ink for film positives has been specifically developed in the UK for producing Inkjet Film to a high enough density that it can be used for creating exposing screens.

In order to get the Density a high level of Pigment is used instead of a dye, this high level creates a very opaque result and the UV inhibiting Pigments allow less light to transfer through the image resulting in accurate and high quality prints. The UV blockout allows you to Expose screens to the optimum settings producing accurate and high quality results.

No specialist RIP software is required and start up costs for the VOID Black system are extremely low.

The system can be used with or without a RIP depending on the control required, The printer can be a standard Epson inkjet which is refilled with VOID Black inkjet ink for film positives ink in each channel any refillable Epson can be used.

For best performance, use in an all black ink system. 

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