M&R Victoryone Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

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M&R Victoryone Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press Prices from £55,000 for 6 colour 22 station machine. This is a super quiet machine allowing you print large areas with ease. By purchasing this machine it allows you to add heads in the future and also you don't have to drop a print head to integrate a flash into the process.

M&R’s aggressively-priced VictoryOne is the industry’s most affordable oval screen printing press—and it can be paired with two different M&R Digital Squeegees for fast hybrid printing. VictoryOne’s 22-station base module can be expanded in 6-station increments to create 28, 34, 40, 46, 52, 58, and 64-station configurations.

All but the four stations at each end of the press can support printheads, which must be configured in opposing pairs. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on printhead placement, and any station can be left open. VictoryOne’s flexibility allows it to be tailored to almost any production requirement. It also allows VictoryOne to fit into spots no carousel press could. VictoryOne’s maximum screen frame sizes range from 66 cm x 97 cm (26" x 38") to 86 x 136 cm (33.9” x 53.5"). Maximum image area on 5570 models is 42 x 70 cm (16.5” x 27.6”) on the small pallet and 55 x 70 cm (21.7” x 27.6”) on the large pallet. Small pallets are 45 x 85 cm (17.7” x 33.5”) and large pallets are 58 x 85 cm (22.8” x 33.5”). Maximum image area on 70100 models is 70 x 100 cm (27.6" x 39.4").

A soft-touch membrane control panel on each printhead provides access to print and index functions. A pneumatic squeegee pressure regulator delivers consistent print pressure. VictoryOne’s quick-lock head-latch mechanism activates a spring-assisted high lift, allowing operators to quickly raise the screen for cleaning or removal. An air-assisted rear frame support facilitates quick screen loading and unloading.

A pin-type frame holder interface allows for true on-contact printing when needed, while individual front/rear off-contact and smooth micro-registration tools give operators full control of screen alignment and off-contact settings. VictoryOne also has standard flash-cure power distribution with on-press plugs. Also available are standalone Sechuan® quartz flash-cure units, which are designed specifically for the VictoryOne oval press. Prices exclude VAT, delivery and fitting



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