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The ultimate package for anyone looking to take up printing Transfers. We have 3 options, Package A, Package B or both Packages together.

Starter Package A


  1. 1x Single colour press- Riley Hopkins 1-1
  2. 1x Afforda Flash
  3. 1x SPW Heat Press 16x20
  4. 1X spw Pallet adhesive 1L
  5. 1x Powder Tray
  6. 1x Spot On Polar White 1KG
  7. 4x Spot On Colours 1KG
  8. 5x Mixing Pots 1L
  9. 2x Spatula 8"
  10. 2x Goop Scoops 
  11.  1x Course Powder 0.5kg
  12. 1x 50 Pack of Transfer Paper.

Screen Making Upgrade Pack Option B


  1. 1x Screen Pack 20"x24" (2x43t & 1x62t)
  2. 1x Screen Sol QT
  3. 1x Exposure Bulb
  4. 1x Emulsion Coater 16"


View a great video on how to start with heat transfers here


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