What you need to consider when arranging the layout of your print shop.

Firstly, you must understand the logical movement of people, materials and product traveling from the front door to the shipping area.

If the production process was simply a matter of one person handing work to the next person in line, the job of designing an effective layout would be simple, but life isn’t that easy.

If handled incorrectly, shop layout can actually limit productivity.

Here are a few more points to consider:


To create an efficient workflow within the production area, each part of the process needs its own space.

The process starts in receiving the artwork, then moves into the screen prepping area. From there, the artwork meets the garment, and the garment is decorated. Finally, the garments are packed and made ready for delivery.

Each area has specific tools, make sure you allow enough space for workers to have all supplies necessary stored in that area.

Keep the equipment running

The purpose of everything in your workshop is to…keep the equipment running.

With this in mind, consider that the most essential/expensive part of your process (normally the everything before printing) and be sure to get this spot on.

Make sure you have the most efficient layout for your most expensive part of the process, because when machines are idle they are costing you money, not making you money! Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, underestimate the space needed. Spend a little extra time and draw a ‘to scale’ plan, you’ll be thankful when it all fits into place later on.

Plan for change

In the screen printing world, without a doubt, every print is different and every customer’s need is unique. Even within the perfect process, money and time can be lost. For this reason, you must be regularly rethinking, reinventing and re-positioning yourselves in order to achieve the best solution.

A print shop should be dynamic, and open to change. You should be able to accommodate any new developments, whether that be machines or equipment or improvements in processes.


When you are setting up your new print shop or relocating, make sure you take into consideration these three points to produce the most efficient work flow and layout possible. Personal preference and other circumstances will also play a role the layout, at the end of the day you and your employees need to feel comfortable and safe.

If you need to upgrade your print shop or you’re a beginner looking to start your journey into screen printing take a look at our screen print packages.

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