TFOLD Table-Top Auto T-Shirt Folder

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Folding and bagging made easy with the TFOLD Table-top Auto Folder!

Upgrading your folding and bagging process can often be a hassle and comes at a large cost. The TFOLD is the perfect option if you'd like a space saving and money saving alternative. No need for a compressor as its electric driven (requires only a 13amp standard plug) and even has a inbuilt blower for bag inflation, Making bagging easy too! 

This slick new folder is 43" x 28", Making it perfect if your limited on space and can fold a t-shirt in around 5 seconds. The inbuilt bagging arm can be activated, lifting the t-shirt in the air whilst you fill the bag with air, allowing you to easily slide the bag over the garment. Simple, fast and effective. 

  • all electric, no compressor required (13amp plug)
  • bagging lift arm 
  • inbuilt bag inflation 
  • space saving 
  • folds a tshirt in 4/5 seconds- around 350-500 per hour


Suitable for folding light garments such as T-Shirts only.

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