Target AV-1 Adhesive Vacuum

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The AV-1 Adhesive Vacuum sits conveniently under the pallet capturing adhesive over-spray for a cleaner healthier work place. Glue is captured in an inexpensive disposable filter. Helps eliminate glue on the floor and press. The Target AV-1 Adhesive Vacuum helps eliminate damaging adhesive overspray. Located under the load/unload station, the AV-1 quietly vacuums away adhesive overspray and captures it in an inexpensive disposable paper air filter. The filter is simply clipped in and then secured with two magnetic strips. Vacuum is created by a high torque axial fan that moves over 550 CFM (cubic feet per minute) The unit creates a down draft vortex that sucks floating adhesive particles in the filter for easy capture. When used with the Target TB range of adhesive applicators a virtually adhesive free area can be created around the press. Available in 110v 60Hz or 220-230v 50Hz, the AV-1 is the practical solution to adhesive contamination in the print shop.


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