T-shirt Folder

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This product can also be used to fold thicker garments like hoodies This is a manual folding assistant to help you with folding garments of different varieties. 

  • High toughness and ductility Easy operation
  • Folding clothes by three steps and in three seconds Wide application scope
  • Suitable for trousers, shorts, nightgown, T-shirt, hoodies etc.
  • Superb design. 
  • Adjusting separation distance according to different clothes.
  • Adjustable hinges.
  • Saving space - 57 x 68 cm as the full size, folded into 30 x 24 cm.
  • folded to store when not in use.

This is an awesome edition to smaller print shops where you are packaging garments by hand. This tool assists the folding process, making it easier and quicker.

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