Starlight Gemini UV LED Screen Exposure Unit


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Starlight Gemini ™ is NuArc’s versatile twin-panel computer-to-screen (CTS) exposure system. With a vertical design and small footprint, it’s ideal for quickly exposing images generated by CTS screen imaging systems like M&R’s i-Image S and i-Image ST. Starlight Gemini 3243 is capable of exposing screen frames up to 81 x 109 cm (32” x 43”). Starlight Gemini 6060 is capable of exposing screen frames up to 154 x 154 cm (60” x 60”).

Starlight Gemini can be used for computer-to-screen exposures and for two-sided post-curing of CTS and conventional screens. To expose a CTS screen, the operator inserts the screen into the side of the Gemini, selects Expose, chooses the correct exposure time from the controller’s memory, and pushes Start. To post cure a screen that has been washed out and dried off, the operator inserts the screen into the machine, selects Post Cure, chooses the correct post-cure exposure time, and presses Start. Post cure turns on the front and rear LED panels to thoroughly harden the emulsion from both sides.
Starlight Gemini’s touchscreen control center allows users to store 12-character names for each custom setting, making it easy to retrieve settings for specific emulsions and mesh counts, and Job Recall™ provides storage and retrieval of up to 48 named exposure settings.

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