Should I be using a dip tank to reclaim screens?

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of forum and Facebook posts about cleaning screens. The question on everyone’s lips is whether or not they should be using a dip tank for reclaiming screens. The answer is most definitely a yes.


This process involves dipping dirty screens into a tank of solution (a mix of Easiway Supra and Water). This solution then breaks down the ink and emulsion to a point where they soften.

Please be aware you don’t want to leave your screens in the dip tank for over 5 minutes as the emulsion and ink will completely fall off the screen. You may be thinking, “isn’t that the point?”. Unfortunately, not. The residue will collect in the bottom of the dip tank and turn into messy gunge that isn’t very nice to clean up, trust us. It also prevents your solution from working efficiently.

Once your emulsion and ink have softened from dipping the screen in the tank for 1-3 minutes, take the screen out and spray it with pressurised water to remove the residue. This will then completely remove the ink and emulsion left on the screen. At this point, there may be ghost images left on the screen and this is where you use Easiway 415n to remove those stains.

How many screens should I be able to clean an hour?

Implementing the correct process is important here. If you remove excess ink and tape from the screens, you should be reclaiming around 20 screens an hour. This is calculated with one dip tank and a single screen washout booth.

How long should dip tank solution last?

Realistically the solution in a dip tank will last about 6 months. However, we have seen dip tanks last a lot longer, but we suggest top-ups or a change of solution every 6 months to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

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