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Realise the ease, power, versatility and ultimate contact of the Ryonet X-Vactor LED UV Vacuum Exposure Unit. With thousands of our standard exposure units in the market, we decided it was time to take the next step and make a quality, affordable vacuum exposure unit. One of the most important factors to optimal exposure is positive contact between the glass, film and screen. While this can be done manually with compression using weight and foam, a vacuum efficiently extracts all air between the screen frame, film and glass to ensure an extremely close positive contact. Not only is positive contact easily achieved, but the screen remains light safe under the black neoprene blanket.

These LED bulbs output an optimal UV wavelength which can be used on both Dual Cure and Photopolymer emulsions. Utilizing LED bulb technology, printers can rest assured that the LED bulbs will last way longer than a halogen bulb ever would, which is better for the printer and the environment.

Add to the vacuum blanket a digital timer, two light safe inspection bulbs and this unit is as user and time-friendly as they come. With 240 watts of high powered LED UV light, the X-Vactor is one of the most powerful fluorescent style exposure units on the market. This unit will expose most dual-cure emulsions such as Amex QT . We highly recommend that you always have an exposure calculator on hand to determine the optimal exposure time for your emulsion, stencil thickness and bulb output.

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    Posted by David on 10th May 2017

    Great unit for the first time screen printers, vacuum is great and gives great exposures