Screen Cleaning & Reclamation 

The Screen department is arguably the most important area of a Print shop. Without using the correct procedures with quality products, the reality of poor image reproduction and screen breakdowns on-press are a reality that cost time and money. This will ultimately affect the quality of your prints and eat into the profitability of every job that comes out of your print shop. Ensuring this part of the process is done correctly is crucial. Whether post-press clean-up or reclaiming in the Wash Booth we have the products that will systemise your Screen cleaning and reclaim operation.

We stock carefully selected cleaning and reclaiming products that ensure you are able to clean and reclaim your screens in the most eco-friendly, efficient and cost effective way. From our practical Dip Tanks to our Eco-Friendly Franmar products and Emulsion Removers.

If you’re just starting out or switching products, we have comprehensive cleaning bundles to get you started as well as all the accessories to ensure you get the best out of the cleaning chemistry. Whether your print Water Based or Plastisol Inks, we have stain removers and degreasers to ensure you get the best results when recoating screens and you can be confident that no nasty breakdowns will slow down your next print run.

If you have any questions or need any advice please feel free to get in touch by phone on +44(0)1562 829 009, Email or on our Webchat.