M&R Diamondback L Automatic Screen Printing Press

Automatic Screen Printing Presses

M&R are the company behind some of the finest automatic screen printing presses in the garment printing industry. It is no surprise that their range of automatic screen printing equipment has become the most popular screen printing equipment on the market for over 30 years. We are the authorised UK dealer for M&R products, so we can advise the best press to suit your needs based on the requirements of your print shops.

If it’s an entry-level automatic press such as the M&R Diamondback-Epress or a super productive Gauntlet and Challenger series III, we can assist with your requirements. With our competitive rates of finance packages, we can meet your budget.

We also sell a variation of other Automatic Screen Printing Presses from AWT which you will find in the suitable sections below.

If you have any further queries or need any additional information on the automatic presses, please contact the office calling us on 01562 829009 or send an email to sales@screenprintworld.co.uk to find out more.