Riley Hopkins Junior Press Cart

DIY Screen Printing Equipment

Here you will find DIY Screen Printing Equipment for screen printing at home. These are perfect answer for the smaller print shops and work spaces.

The range includes storage racks for prints, dip tanks for cleaning, hinges for printing, carts and more.

We put 100% into finding the best products for you and we are confident that these below are perfect for the job.

As always if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask us. You can always leave a message on chat, give us a call on 01562 829009 or email us on

  • DIY Print Shop® 4-Colour Screen Printing Press

    £325.00 £295.00 + VAT Sale!
  • DIY Screen Printing Intermediate

    £77.98 + VAT
  • DIY Screen Printing Newbie Kit

    £40.92 + VAT
  • DIY Screen Printing Rising Star Kit

    £114.08 + VAT
  • Ink Trolley

    D.Roper Ink Trolley

    £35.00£145.00 + VAT
  • Screen Printing Ink / Screen Cart

    £330.00 + VAT
  • T-shirt Dryer Temperature Gun

    T-shirt Dryer Temperature Gun

    £21.96 + VAT
  • hinge clamps

    Screen Printing Clamp Hinges

    £26.00 + VAT
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Screen Printing Squeegee Storage Rack

    £17.26 + VAT
  • Riley Hopkins Junior Press Cart

    Riley Hopkins Junior Press Cart

    £507.67 + VAT
  • Riley Hopkins 12 Screen Press Cart

    Riley Hopkins 12 Screen Press Cart

    £507.67 + VAT