Amex Process Yellow Plastisol Ink

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Amex Process Yellow Plastisol Ink Plastisol inks suitable for textile printing. Plast pf process are transparent for four-colour process printing and have glossy finishing. GENERAL FEATURES
  • Soft hand and low tack
  • Excellent wet on wet printability
  • High brightness
  • Good elasticity
  • Quick intermediate flash cure
  • Cures at 150/160°C for 3 minutes
  • Phthalate-free
PREPARATION Ready to use ink. PLAST PF EXTENDER BASE may be used in the maximum percentage of 50%, in order to adjust the colour strength of the inks APPLICATION PLAST PF PROCESS S have been developed for printing onto white substrates; the performances and the tones of the colours may be different when printing onto coloured fabrics. In order to obtain a good result on dark fabrics you should print a white background. We advise to use as photo-emulsion Amex SCREEN SOL QT BLU. CURING Curing has to take place at 150/160°C for 2-3 minutes.