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We’re proud to be providers of some of the finest service and support in the industry. You know us as one of the largest screen print machinery and consumable suppliers. If you aren’t a current customer, you’ll want to be, as our technical support and servicing is highly sought after.

Not only are our engineers highly skilled and equipped with superior tools, they’re the most knowledgeable about M&R equipment.

All of this leads to a faster response and faster repair, supporting our goal of getting your equipment back online as fast as possible at the lowest cost.

Why Would You Settle for Anything Less?

We can service many types of equipment and machinery, with qualified engineers able to service your carousels, dryers and more. Please provide us with detailed information on the machine, your business location and any specific information on service dates or requirements

Fill in the contact form below for a parts or service enquiry. Please note, this will only be an enquiry do not expect orders to be placed unless you received contact from the team. If you need a part be sure to let us know the serial number and part number if you have them.

Tips to minimise downtime:

  • Keep your M&R owner’s manuals handy.
  • Write the model name and serial number on the front cover of the manual.
  • Keep a small inventory of replacement parts handy.
  • If your shop is large enough to support a full-time mechanic, hire one.
  • If you are a smaller shop with a few automatic presses, it is still important to have someone on hand with some mechanical and electrical skills to help diagnose problems.
  • Consider service and support contracts when purchasing equipment.
  • When ordering parts ensure you have the serial number and part number to make the order, a picture will also come in handy.

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