New VS Old: Automatics

The age old question, New or old? When it comes to equipment there could be a few differences that could be  deciding factors in whether you buy old of new, so we’ve created a mini series of blog posts that will help you in your decision! 

This month, We’re comparing a 2008 Diamondback R Series against a new Diamondback E Series

Spec comparison:

So as you can see from the spec comparison, There is not a great difference between the two apart from slightly newer technology such a digital screen and electric heads, So if you love modern technology and ease of use, a new press might be better for you.  

Power wise, The 2008 Diamondback is 1 phase, So if your looking at a newer press, 3 phase will need to be installed into your unit. If your trying to keep your costs down, The 2008 diamondback R might be better for you. 

Speaking of costs, that also might be a deciding factor for you. The diamond back R is £14,995 (ex shipping/install/vat)whereas a new diamondback E starts at £42,000 (ex shipping/install/vat). One thing to keep in mind is, as with all used equipment, There may be some used parts that need replacing somewhere down the line and servicing will need to regular to make sure everything’s working as it should, this should be considered into costings. 

If you’d like more information on old or new equipment, Please get in touch by phone 01562829009 or email 

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