MTEX Direct To Film Transfer Printer


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So what is DTF?:

DTF stands for Direct to Film, so let’s break the process down into 4 easy steps

  • Print ; We take a leading Epson based printer and print with quality waterbased ink and then print onto a PET clear transfer film 
  • Back it with digital white ; then using separate white only digital heads we print onto the back of the transfer to make it really bright and pop onto dark garments
  • Glue; while the white ink is still wet we then apply a clear powder glue to the wet white digital prints and the glue sticks to the wet surface of the transfer
  • Dry ; it is finaly passed through a small dryer which helps the glue bond with the waterbased digital ink, ready for long lasting transfers

Why DTF and not DTG or Cut Vinyl:

It’s a clean simple solution to add to your business. You can print DTF in amazing detail for one garment or 10,000, you can even print and store the transfer for later later use to use when needed. No pre-treatment needed or pre-press needed, no weeding, no making screens - just click a button and go. You don’t even have to be front of the machine it’s all auto!

Who are MTEX: Mtex are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of digital printers based out of Portugal. They have been making large format digital printers for well over a decade.

What is an MTEX DFT 30/60: This is a European purpose built machine for the DTF process. It’s the one stop shop, all-in-one printer, shaker and dryer from one supplier, not made from various suppliers from the far east. It's plug and play and ready to go.  It's also very easy to use and profitable for short runs as well as long runs.

What can it print onto?: Unlike other processes, this will print onto pretty much anything and because your printing onto a flat clear film with digital heads, the detail is amazing. Superb for cotton, poly cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Leather and Denim to name a few.

Durability: Because the powder glue has been melted onto the transfer while in the oven, when you heat press the transfer it it bonds with the surface of the garment making it very durable and perfect for workwear/High Viz etc.

Support: You have Screen Print World to support the product aswell as the qualified M Tex service support team based in the UK and our SPW online chat during working hours.

Machines are avialble in 30cm and 60cm width

See Brochure for DTF-30 Specs: MTEX DTF30

For more information give us a call on 0156292009 or drop us an email