M&R Tri Light Screen Printing Exposure Unit


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Tri-Light features NuArc’s patented instant-start power technology, which reduces glass temperature, power consumption, and environmental heating effects. With its 107 x 152 cm (42” x 60”) maximum screen frame size; fast, powerful light source; and exceptional repeatability, Tri-Light is perfect for high-volume operations. NuArc’s computerized and programmable integrator/controller ensures precise vacuum duration and lamp output compensation.

Tri-Light is also simple to operate. The entire exposure process—from vacuum drawdown through screen exposure and vacuum release—is accomplished with a single keystroke. NuArc’s unique manifold system ensures intimate contact by drawing vacuum evenly around the perimeter of the blanket frame.

Tri-Light is available in 6 kW and 3 kW models. Both multi-spectrum metal-halide lamps, with their ability to retain fine lines and dots, produce exposures of exceptional quality. Tri-Light can be located in areas housing unexposed screens because the light source and vacuum frame are enclosed, and the exposure lamp can’t be turned on while the blanket frame is open.


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