M&R Style Double Half Winged Pallet


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The Double Half Winged Pallet is an excellent specialty effect pallet which allows you to print across both shoulder seams of a standard t-shirt. When printing cap sleeve tees, this shape allows for true All-Over-Printing. Special shaping optimizes loading and image capacity in this shirt size sensitive pallet. Overhead Laser Alignment Systems are especially useful to help align the shirt the second time around. Double Half Wing Pallets are size sensitive to the shirts. This means that basically 2 shirt sizes will fit one pallet size. Purpose:

  • Partial All-Over-printing Capabilities
  • To Simulate AOP on regular tees, setup with the DHW Pallet first, and then sleeve pallets second. You can accomplish simulated All-Over-Prints for a fraction of the cost of true AOP Pallets.
  • Made of Solid Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber and larger sizes are made of Honeycomb Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber

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This Pallet fits M&R, Hopkins, MHM, Vastex presses.

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