M&R Sprint 3000 Gas Conveyor Dryer


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M&R SPRINT 3000 SERIES Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer Sprint 3000 is the latest incarnation of the most innovative and dependable line of gas conveyor dryers in the screen printing industry. For over twenty years, M&R’s venerable Sprint Series has been the overwhelming choice of professional screen printers who demand quality, consistency, and efficiency in their equipment and in the output they generate.


  • The new features M&R is introducing in the Sprint 3000 Series include a color touchscreen interface.
  • New high-capacity circulation and exhaust blowers.
  • An integrated roll-down outfeed hood.
  • Cleanout access panels on the sides of the burner sections and drone modules to simplify cleaning and maintenance.
  • A retention-time belt-speed control that makes it easy to duplicate settings and eliminates the need to convert feet per minute into the time substrates will spend in the heat chamber. That in turn results in more user-friendly operation and greater precision in achieving optimal curing and drying.
  • Sprint 3000’s color touchscreen interface displays real-time dryer performance data, including dryer temperature, dryer temperature history, heat-chamber retention time and output from the included temperature probe, which can be used to track substrate temperature as it passes through the dryer.
  • It also includes Job Recall™, which allows operators to store operational parameters under operator-chosen alphanumeric names—and recall those named settings later for similar substrate/ink combinations.
  • To help keep Sprint 3000 operating at peak performance, M&R’s Maintenance Minder™ System alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due.
  • Available in liquid propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG) versions, all Sprint 3000 dryers utilize exceptionally efficient high-performance burners with ample capacity.
  • The burner system includes its own combustion air blower, allowing precise metering of the air-to-fuel mixture to achieve optimum efficiency.
  • There are also separate blowers for circulation and exhaust, each designed for maximum efficiency on a wide range of inks and substrates.
  • A high-volume forced air system quickly brings the conveyor dryer chamber to the desired temperature, speeding the start of production.
  • Process temperatures and set temperatures are controlled digitally. Temperature consistency is ensured by a fuzzy-logic controller, which responds to ambient temperature changes by keeping chamber heat within 1° of target temperature at the thermocouple.
  • A tower light shows when temperatures are within user-set parameters. When readings fall outside those settings, a temperature monitor issues visible and audible alarms. An automatic shutdown sequence keeps the blower and belt running until the chamber has cooled, minimizing or eliminating the need to monitor conveyor dryer shutdown.
  • The entry and exit openings are adjustable to fit a wide range of substrates, and large belt rollers are machined with a slight crown to ensure positive belt tracking.
  • Dryers in the Sprint 3000 line are available in a wide variety of configurations, belt widths, and chamber lengths.
  • Sprint 3000 dryers have the highest production capacity in their class and are the most energy efficient.
  • Heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating from the conveyor dryer chamber into the workplace, while CoolSkin™ technology leaves the dryer skin cool to the touch.
  • Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost.
  • The Sprint 3000 Series is simply the industry’s most efficient, innovative, and affordable line of high-production gas screen printing conveyor dryers, and Sprint 3000 gas conveyor dryers are ready to tackle the production challenges of the next twenty years.


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