Sleeve Screen Printing Platens


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Made of Solid Aluminum and Soft Top Rubber pallets are in stock and ready to go. Our focus on producing these products has resulted in many advances in quality and production. They are the best, and delivered immediately. Our lamination processes have been mechanized to assure consistent quality. Materials are very carefully inspected & graded to ensure that they are up to our standards. Grading and Inspection is incorporated during every stage of the pallets birth. All Standard Pallets are made to your exact height and dimensional requirements. 1/4" Solid Aluminum & 1/8" Soft Top Rubber is an industry standard on major automatics. It is our standard pallet. Extra Attention to detail: Beveling the underside of the pallets and power brushing the bracket edges to a smooth finish is standard for all of our pallet products. Pallet Brackets are machined to 20.5" length for standard pallets and a 16" length for Sleeve & Pocket Pallets. They are fit tested before being pressed onto the pallet to ensure a perfect fit on your machine. Available for Anatol, Hopkins, M&R and Workhorse presses. Please contact the office regards ordering.