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i-Image XE is M&R’s oversize version of i-Image STE, the world’s first all-in-one computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure system (US Patent Pending. European Patent Application No. 14721111.4). It’s ideal for imaging and exposing oversize screens for textile screen printing as well as for exposing and imaging multiple textile screens simultaneously. It’s also suitable for some graphics applications. By combining CTS imaging and UV LED screen exposure in one machine, M&R has dramatically reduced the time and effort required to prepare images for screen printing.

On the initial pass over the screen frame, i-Image XE uses specially-formulated water-based UV-blocking ink, advanced high-resolution CTS inkjet printer technology and three industrial printheads to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. On the return pass, the built-in high-output scanning UV LED light source exposes the emulsion, producing screens that can be taken directly to washout. CTS images are superior to traditional film positives, delivering greater detail and smoother halftone transitions.

All i-Images eliminate the need for costly film positives, as well as the space and labor required to store and retrieve them. Because the image information is digital, it’s easy to store and quick to retrieve.

i-Image XE’s onboard UV LED exposure system streamlines workflow and increases productivity, delivering fast, superior screen exposures with exponentially lower energy costs. Not only do UV LEDs use far less energy, they’re only on during the exposure process. M&R’s UV LEDs run cooler, save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production. And, unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require replacement every year or two, i-Image XE’s UV LED light source can last for decades. The i-Image XE computer-to-screen imaging & exposure system includes computer, monitor, and M&R’s proprietary software.

By providing complete control of print and exposure parameters, the software ensures high-quality screen images at production-level speed. It provides full image scaling and positioning, has 16-exposure presets for common applications, and can be user-customized for specific art types, various mesh counts, and types of emulsion. And the high density of M&R’s high-output UV LEDs—nearly 20,000—ensures the quickest exposures and the most uniform coverage available to screen printers.

Maximum screen size is 152 x 152 cm (60” x 60”) and maximum image area is 132 x 132 cm (52” x 52”). Units are designed to fit through an 81 cm (32”) doorway. M&R’s i-Image XE all-in-one computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure system will revolutionize your screen room. Once you’ve experienced the simplicity, consistency, speed, and productivity of an i-Image XE, you won’t be satisfied with anything less. M&R’s i-Image X has all the imaging features and capabilities of the i-Image XE, but without exposure capability.


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