M&R Challenger III Automatic Screen Printing Press


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M&R Challenger III Automatic Screen Printing Press Challenger revolutionized screen printing in the 1980s, and challengers have dominated the industry ever since. Now, M&R’s all-new Challenger III expands on that tradition by combining innovative patented and patent-pending features—like M&R’s Ink-Dip Ink Retrieval System and Revolver Print Program—with the best ideas from over 20 years of M&R automatics.


Challenger III’s Formula-based servo-driven belt-drive-indexer enables double indexing in one uninterrupted motion, increasing production speed for oversize work by eliminating the pause between indexes. Like Alpha 8, Challenger III’s printheads also feature calibrated tool free click-stop four-corner off-contact settings for fast and accurate screen leveling. Built from the ground up to optimize performance, flexibility, print quality, and durability, Challenger III is ready to dominate the next decade of carousel textile printing.

  • All three versions of Challenger III feature Alpha 8-style electric printheads. Models 55, 70, and 110 offer respective maximum image lengths of 55 cm (22”), 70 cm (28”), and 110 cm (43”).
  • Printheads are driven by fast, reliable electric-drive motors, and includeno-tools front and rear print-stroke adjustment for versatility and exceptionally high production rates.
  • Pneumatic screen clamps facilitate rapid screen loading and deliver excellent stability on a wide variety of screens.
  • Other standard features include squeegee pressure regulators.
  • independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments.
  • independently-set angle and calibrated squeegee and floodbar pressure adjustments.
  • Adjustable rear screen holders. Unlike side-screen holders, which severely limit the maximum screen-frame size and maximum image area, front and rear screenholders allow easy placement of extra-wide screens for oversize and all-over printing.
  • Print, reset, and print/flood speed controls oneach printhead further simplify setup.
  • Each printhead also features a socket that makes it easy to position a flash cure unit in anystation.
  • Challenger III 110 models include a wider print carriage for enhanced print quality. Challenger III’s large new touch-screen control panel with icon based labeling can display information and commands in numerous languages, simplifying press operation and training anywhere in the world.
  • Extensive variety of configurations;unrivaled set of standard features and patented timesaving, output enhancing exclusives; efficient design; and high production speed—is simply the most versatile carousel press on the market today.


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