M&R BladeShaper SC Squeegee Blade Sharpener

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M&R BLADESHAPER SC Squeegee Blade Sharpener BladeShaper SC is M&R’s first precision small-format manual squeegee sharpener for blades up to 51 cm (20”). Portable tabletop design makes BladeShaper SC easy to move, and its compact size allows it to fit almost anywhere. BladeShaper SC includes a virtually indestructible square-cut 120-grit diamond sharpening wheel for smooth, uniform grinding. The diamond wheel sharpens all squeegee materials, including single and multiple durometer types. Material removal rate is easy to adjust. BladeShaper SC secures squeegees by the blade during sharpening, and it’s designed to accommodate various squeegee holders/handles. Five additional diamond wheel profiles in numerous grits are optionally available. Warranted for five years against diamond wear in normal use Some materials sharpen better than others