M&R BladeShaper LC Squeegee Blade Sharpener


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M&R BladeShaper LC Squeegee Blade Sharpener M&R’s freestanding, midsize, fully-automated BladeShaper LC precisely sharpens blades up to 95 cm (37”). BladeShaper LC includes two virtually indestructible square-cut diamond sharpening wheels (one 120-grit and one 230-grit) for smooth, uniform grinding. The diamond wheels sharpen all squeegee materials, including single and multiple durometer types2. Material removal rate is easy to adjust. BladeShaper LC secures squeegees by the blade during sharpening, and it’s designed to accommodate various squeegee holders and handles. BladeShaper LC includes a vacuum system to reduce dust and facilitate particle removal (110 V models include vacuum cleaner). Five additional diamond wheel profiles in numerous grits are optionally available. BladeShaper LC is perfect for busy shops because the operator does not need to remain with the machine during the sharpening process. The operator simply inserts the squeegee; brings the sharpening wheel to the starting point; sets the number of passes for the wheel to make and the speed at which it will traverse the blade. The operator can walk away from the machine as soon as it begins sharpening the blade. Once BladeShaper LC finishes sharpening the blade, it and the vacuum system will shut down automatically. If your shop does more than occasional sharpening, BladeShaper LC is the ideal choice. Includes 5 year warranty