M&R Automatic Flocking Vacuum System


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FLOCK-VAC Automatic Flocking Vacuum System Flock-Vac is designed to remove excess flock from garments on the press. Since it eliminates up to 90% of the flock not embedded in the adhesive, Flock-Vac greatly reduces the fiber that can be drawn into the dryer circulation system. Flock-Vac mounts to any open printhead, vacuuming up loose flocking fibers as the printhead passes over the garment. Flock-Vac helps get the most out of flocking by minimizing the mess—and reducing the cleanup effort—typically associated with flocking. Installation is fast and easy. Simply mount the stainless steel vacuum bar to the squeegee holder and the hose-routing bracket to the frame holder. Then roll the Flock-Vac into place and attach its hoses to the vacuum bar. Flock-Vac is a complete excess flock removal system. Individual components are also available. Flock-Vac carries a one-year limited warranty. All equipment from The M&R Companies is built with M&R's unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to quality, durability, innovation, and design excellence, and is backed by M&R’s unparalleled 24-hour access to service, support, and premium parts. It’s no wonder M&R is the first name in screen printing equipment.