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Stretch your screens using our high quality Hitex Saati mesh. Available in a variety of tensions and colours, this mesh is sold by the metre, each cut will have a width of 1.58-63m. Full 25 metre Rolls of mesh are also available - please contact us directly, we can supply this for you.

What's the difference between White mesh Vs Dyed mesh? White mesh is well-suited to refracting light, this is to say that light will scatter more on a white mesh, causing a less resolute image. White is typically used in lower mesh counts up to 155 count for spot color work or larger text.

Yellow or dyed mesh has very little light refraction, in other words, you get a much truer image resulting in a more defined edge in a crispier print. On mesh counts about 155 you would want to use a dyed mesh, however something to keep in mind is that a dyed mesh will take slightly longer to expose by approximately 15-20%.

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