MAVERICK™ Industrial High-Speed DTG Printing System

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The Maverick™ exemplifies M&R’s commitment to future technologies in the garment decoration process. With an emphasis on print quality and speed, M&R set out to build a leading-class, industrial-grade DTG printer.

Featuring a dual-shuttling platform that allows independent pallet shuttling based on the operator’s needs, the Maverick can print images one-off or as multiple copies, and produce them in an array of shirt colour combinations. Two digitally-controlled heat presses use air cylinders to flatten garment fibres and heat the surface prior to printing.

The Maverick’s 12 industrial-grade printheads—six for white ink, plus cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red and green—ensure day-to-day performance and peace of mind, and allow for a greater colour gamut. Agitators in the white ink supply tanks and an entire ink re-circulation system ensure consistent results and trouble-free operation.

With fast print speeds, expanded colour gamut and rugged construction, the Maverick is designed and manufactured with the same commitment to quality and exacting standards that has made M&R an industry leader for over 30 years.

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