Lotus Holland Evo Compact Reclaiming System


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The Lotus Evo Compact is a fully automatic screen reclaiming system. The machine is manufactured by Lotus Holland in the Netherlands and they have over 200 units in use worldwide. Using quality stainless steel with robust European pumps and dependable components make this a reliable and easy to use system. With a sleek design and a small footprint, the Lotus Evo Compact can accommodate any textile print shop 5m or 17ft. The Evo Compact will take a maximum screen height of 48” (125cm) with most printers using between 31” and 36”.

Cleaning plastisol, hybrid, water base and discharge inks with ease. A fantastic advantage provided by Lotus Holland is that the machine can be custom built to suit print shop needs. The direction of work flow made be changed to go left to right, or right to left, and the infeed and out feed can be made to suit your requirements. The Evo Compact uses a 3-chamber system to clean screens

  • Chamber 1 The first chamber sprays a 100% Biologically degradable ink cleaner on the screens and then, with numerous small nylon brushes, removes the ink into a tank below were its filtered. Typically, the ink remover solution is changed between 3-9 months depending on volume and ink removal. The waste is pumped back out into containers to be correctly disposed of.
  • Chamber 2 This chamber uses stencil stripper and 99% water. It will spray over 30 litres of solution onto the screens in a 4 mins period, which is more than enough to start the stencil stripping process.
  • Chamber 3 The final chamber has a high pressure 1450 psi jet wash with nozzles both front and back for quick easy removal of the stencil.

This high-pressure system will only work when a screen is in place, therefore saving energy and water. Waste is then removed into the normal drains. Cost on return On average, an individual can comfortably clean 10/15 screens in an hour. This machine will reclaim over 30 screens an hour, and is a lot safer for your employers as it prevents human contact with chemicals and help reduce fatigue. The cleaning cost of a screen ranges between £0.50p and £0.85p depending on many variables. Over a 5-year period (subject to finance) this could cost you approximately £232 per week, or £46 a day, or under £6 a hour. Warranty The Lotus Evo Compact has a standard 12-month warranty but can upgraded to a 10-year warranty with regular servicing and correct chemical use. Utilities required 3 phase electric Compressed air Water mains Waste disposal channel.

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