Install at Sea Dog Print Studio

We have worked with Sea Dog Print Studio for a white now, supplying both screen print machinery and consumables. We are proud to announce the success of another install at their print studio. This time a Diamondback R 6 colour.

Sea Dog Print Studio are based in Portsmouth, so we sent Kris (Screen Print Engineer) on a journey with all the equipment to make sure everything arrived on time and safely.

Once Kris got there he had the task of getting the machinery up to floor one, thankfully there was a goods lift, else this would have been a complicated install!

Once in, Kris set up and installed the machine without an issue. To accompany the Diamondback, Stu from Sea Dog purchased a used compressor to allow the diamondback to function automatically.

This will be a great new addition for Sea Dog Print Studio, it will allow the team to meet the large demand they already have for screen printed goods. In addition, it will also enable them to increase output further as they now have the capacity to do so.

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