EX Demo Riley hopkins 6 Colour 6 Station

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The Riley 300 is a screen printer's press that was crafted with years of innovation and customer feedback in mind. This new and improved Riley Hopkins press is the latest evolution of the award winning manufacturing that screen printers around the world have been able to rely on for their production. Speed, Precision and Consistency are key for screen printing today, and the Riley 300 delivers on all counts. The press's CNC-constructed base has been improved upon with an adjustable height mechanism. The base is capable of an up to 3" increase of height adjustment to help accommodate the screen printer. Heavy duty leg levels add an extra amount of sturdiness to the press.


Sturdy, heavy duty, lightweight construction.
XYZ: Micro registration
Adjustable Height Mechanism
2-Point Roller Gate
2-year limited warranty for non-members
Diameter: 93"
Base Size: 57"
Platen Height: 35.5" - 38.5"
Platen Size: 16"x 18"
Max Platen Size: 24" x 32"
Max Frame Size: 25" x 36"
Max Frame Size(every other): 42" x 48"
Colour/ Stations: 6 colour / 6 station