DIY Screen Printing Rising Star Kit

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DIY Screen Printing Rising Star Kit includes;

  • 12" squeegee Wooden
  • Screen 16" x 20" A3 size
  • 500ml Waterbased Ink in; Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow
  • Goop Scoop Squand
  •  squeegee stand
  • 10 x A4 Ink jet Film
  • QV Emulsion 1kg
  • 12" Emulsion Coater

This DIY Screen Printing Rising Star Kit is suited towards someone who has never screen printed before, and wants to try it in the comfort of their own home and not spend fortunes. However, you can still use this kit even if you're not a newbie to screen printing. Sometimes keeping it simple, just works.

Printing one colour basic designs is easy with this kit. You will need to find a way that best suits you to make your stencil, options of how to do this are listed in the instruction booklet. With quality consumables you'll make quality designs.

So, yes, the price may be a little higher than others, but firstly you get more ink meaning that it will last you MUCH longer. Secondly, our supplies are used by multiple high production shops across the world, they may have even printed that t-shirt you're wearing now.

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