Dip Tanks The Easiway Dip Tank System is specially designed to save you time when reclaiming screens. The system also saves money and minimizes the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, without hazards and without toxicity. This system will make your screen fabric look like new for only pennies per screen. Easiway dip tank chemicals are drain safe and can be used to clean hundreds of screens without being replenished. Unlike other dip tank systems; this system suspends and traps solid waste, eliminating sludge when used correctly in conjunction with the suggested Easiway products. For all questions regarding Easiway products, please contact the office by clicking here. Here's some useful links for using Dip Tanks: Dip_Tank_Instruction_1pg_-_SUPRA_only CHEMICAL-WATER-RATIO2 Easiway-Pamphlet