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We would like to announce that we have some brand new items available on our website, want to find out more? read on, we have the lowdown on all three of our exciting newbies!

Our Hand Sanitiser is designed to protect your hands and keep them free from bacteria. Made in the UK and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
Our refillable bottles are great value, ensuring you can have a ready supply of sanitiser and reducing plastic waste.


  • UK manufactured using UK sourced raw materials.
  • Meets the EN12791 standards for hand sanitisation.
  • Compliant with WHO specification.
  • Fast-drying < 30 seconds.
  • Non-Tacky.
  • Moisturiser formulation that will not dry out the hands after use.
  • 50ml & 100ml bottles can be refilled, reducing the waste of packing and cost based on economy bulk pack.
  • Pump spray application also allows for sanitising of steering wheels, work surfaces, packaging, door handles etc.

How to Use
Dispense a small amount of product onto the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together until dry.

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The Form Fitted pallet design is made for form-fitted masks with a chin seam. The Flat pallet design is made for flat fitted masks that have no chin seam. Different styles of face masks need different pallets to do a full face print. Or, you can simply use our Universal Face Mask pallet to do a small print on any face mask.

Why is this needed for Face Mask Printing?

Most Face masks are multiple layers of fabric. The traditional method of glue will not work. If you are printing on a single layer face mask, it is not advisable to use adhesive due to the nature of its use.

Pallet Design

The head frame consists of three layers laminated together. The middle layer is rubber. Because of the small size of the printing area, we found that the head frame is very strong and has no need for a flange. We have also eliminated the spring-turnbuckle assembly. We lean the head frame 10 degrees past 90 to keep it from falling down. For finishing, there is no powder coating. We tumble the parts that can be tumbled, and use various sanders on the head frame. Everything is smooth and pretty!
This design has minimized manufacturing and assembly times considerably. It is something that we can make custom versions of very fast and cost-effectively. These masks will cover almost every face mask being produced.

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A NEW Stack & Storage Friendly Pallet for Printing Sleeves and More!

The new EZ sleeve pallet allows you to effortlessly print on two sleeves at a time, without stretching the sleeve around the pallet bracket or arm of your machine. This pallet is lightweight and enables you to use it for many other custom prints like socks, pockets, koozies, pant legs, short sleeves and more!
Print Sleeves/Pant Legs/Short Sleeves: Sleeve Printing Area – 3.75″ x 19″
Print Pockets/Koozies: 3.75″ x 5″

Want to see a video of this pallet in action, click here

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Printwear and Promotion Live 2019 has already proved to be quite a success for us. We had large amounts of interest in both the manual screen printing press and the new M&R Diamondback E automatic screen printing press, with many commenting on how nice it was to see an automatic press at the show!

With many enquiries and secured orders we look forward to supporting screen printers make their dreams become a reality. Many companies were looking to branch out into screen printing after already being sufficient in embroidery or vinyl transfers. Several companies wanted to take control of their printing, instead of outsourcing it they wanted to learn more about the process to bring it in house.

The screen print workshop was also very popular, it was fantastic to see so many people wanting to know more about screen printing and getting some hands on experience printing their own t-shirt.