When is it Time to Automate?

Read more about the best time to Automate your machinery and upgrade your current equipment. Also, find out what else needs to be considered in doing so.

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Winter Warnings for Screen Printers

With the cold weather descending quickly upon us there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of ready for winter. Read more

Top tips regarding parts and servicing/maintenance on your M&R machinery

Here are some top tips when it comes to parts and servicing/maintenance of you Screen Printing equipment.

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Tips to minimise downtime

Here’s a few tips to minimise downtime during this busy printing period.  Read more

The Importance of Curing

Screen Printing on textiles is, in essence, a simple process – it requires pushing ink through a mesh onto a t-shirt. There are many factors that need to be controlled in the production environment to ensure that the image is durable and will stay on the garment – one of these factors, and possibly the most important is CURING. Read more

Saving money and time by choosing the right tape.

Saving money is a constant challenge for screen printing shops, big or small. However, it’s worth spending a few extra pennies and pounds to avoid long-term headaches. This is certainly the case when it comes to sourcing tape for your screens. Although it may seem cheaper and more convenient to use plain shipping tape, this money-saving move might actually end up costing you more in the long run. Read more

How to know when to upgrade to an Automatic Screen Printing Press, by Screen Print World.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that accurately pinpoints the ideal moment at which a print shop should upgrade from a manual press to an automatic. But as Screen Print World, managing director of screen printing supplier Screen Print World, explains in Images Magazine, the decision is not as difficult as you might think.

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Screen Reclaiming

Screen Reclaiming with Easiway Systems

Once your job is printed and finished, the screen is ready to be cleaned and processed ready for recoating and re-exposing. It’s very important to maintain a system and have an understanding of the screen reclaiming process to ensure that you do not encounter time consuming breakdowns on the press or waste time exposing screens that do not develop properly – you can very rarely make a bad screen print well.

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