Screen Printing Questions and Answers

Should I be using a dip tank to reclaim screens?

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of forum and Facebook posts about cleaning screens. The question on everyone’s lips is whether or not they should be using a dip tank for reclaiming screens. The answer is most definitely a yes.

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“What’s the right manual screen printing press for me?”

Whether you are a beginner screen printer, or adding an additional machine to your print shop, we have a selection of world renowned presses to suit your needs.


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Is Screen Printing messy?

Screen Printing is only as messy as you make it.

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What is the Right Amount of “Off-Contact”?

Off-contact is the gap between the bottom of the screen and the substrate (the item being printed). The purpose is to improve printability during screen printing process.  Read more

How long do silk screens last for when screen printing?

If screens are taken care of properly, they can last forever! Especially true of retensionable screens as you will be able to retension them and tighten them as necessary, making them as good as new! Read more