26th Apr 2021

Why Choose Hybrid Waterbased Inks?

Most printers that print or try water base ink love it, like the way it feels, like it Eco credentials, like the fact that you can clean up with just water, like the fact it’s easier to work with and pull across a screen and like the matt finish you get …..But what they don’t like is the fact that it will at some point when you take a break for more than 30 seconds dry into the screens and block the image.

So along came waterbased Hybrid ink born out of necessity yet it has all the attributes we spoke about above with one big game changing difference , it stays open in the screens twice as long as standard water base ink ….Boom.

The Screen print World Spot on range of water base hybrid currently comes in a very bright white, dense black and probably the best silver and gold in water base I have seen in 30 years! And a very useful watrebased Anti migration base for those troublesome polyester blends, standard colours will follow later in the year , but you can buy a clear Hybrid base and add your own tint at the moment should you need colours .

It’s a win all round for this new exciting range of ink from Screen print world 

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