6 steps to calculate ink costs per print

Nearly all screen printers complain about the cost of a bucket of ink, but the cost per print is the number that really matters.

Follow these steps to figure out your ink cost per print:

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Buy Nice or Buy Twice

Ignore what something costs for a moment and think, does it actually do the job and perform well?

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The best of both worlds – by Michelle Moxley in Images Magazine

Michelle Moxley is the innovation director at M&R Companies, and has recently wrote an article for Images Magazine explaining how to get the most out of digital printing.

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Curing Screen Printing Ink

Curing Ink

Curing Ink – How to cure ink on garments to make the garment washable.

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White Ink Comparison

Printing White Screen Printing InkNeed assistance in finding the right white for the job?
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