Screen Reclaiming

Once your job is printed and finished, the screen is ready to be cleaned and processed ready for recoating and re-exposing. It’s very important to maintain a system and have an understanding of the screen reclaiming process to ensure that you do not encounter time consuming breakdowns on the press or waste time exposing screens that do not develop properly – you can very rarely make a bad screen print well.

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Congratulations goes to Easiway on being awarded a Green Supply Chain Award

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This Ink and Emulsion remover provides a revolutionary, streamlined approach to cleaning and reclaiming your screens. The solution dissolves both plastisol and water base ink, water soluble screen blockout, direct emulsion and capillary film as well as tape adhesive residue!

SUPRA can be used in two different ways; in a Dip Tank or Manually applied. When used with a Dip Tank you mix the SUPRA concentrate at a ratio of up to 1:5 with water in a tank. Then, when applied manually to a screen, you should use the SUPRA at full concentrate. Read more