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M&R Win Two 2017 product of the year Awards

The M&R Companies win two SGIA product of the year awards for the garment press and the pre-press categories. The M&R Challenger III holds the garment press distinction, while the company’s i-Image S Computer-to-Screen (CTS) system takes away the pre-press award.“It’s extremely gratifying to have SGIA recognize Challenger III and i-Image S for their innovation and quality, and, by extension, to recognize the efforts of our research and development team and the highly-skilled technicians who build M&R equipment,” states Rich Hoffman, CEO of M&R. Read more

Why is degreasing so important?

Don’t skip degreasing, regardless if your screen is fresh out of the box, or you’ve reclaimed it more times than you can remember. The first step to a high-quality screen, is a clean screen. Degreasing removes any oils, dust, and dirt from the mesh, all of which can cause issues in the adhesion of your emulsion.

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Difference between the emulsions we offer!

You may have seen that we recently introduced a new emulsion called Screen Sol QV.

Many of you have asked what the difference is between the new QV emulsion and the QT emulsion we already sell. Well, there is one main difference, the Screen Sol QV is only suitable for printing waterbased, plastisol and solvent inks whereas the Screen Sol QT emulsion has high resistance to waterbased, plastisol, solvent AND discharge inks. However, the QV Emulsion is best for high definition printing for screens up to 180 T/cm mesh.

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Choosing the right frame and mesh count

Do you ever get confused between US and UK mesh counts?

Take a look at this chart, you can always save it or maybe print it out for reference in the future. 

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